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Last Updated: Sep 25, 2013 12:32PM EDT
Thanks for your interest in Boxfire Press. Please go here to submit. A completed manuscript is required.

Unfortunately, we can't accept email or postal submissions — those won't be read.

Here's what we're looking for. 


  • Genres: Contemporary science fiction, contemporary and urban fantasy, slipstream (where the fantasy or sci-fi elements are integral, but take a backseat to literary and storytelling concerns -- Sitting for the Superkids is a good example), supernatural, paranormal. 
  • We're okay with, but don't love, simultaneous submissions (when you send something to more than one publisher at once) and pieces that have been previously published. Just let us know in the cover letter and keep us updated. 
  • In all most all cases, we do not offer advances. Novels receive royalties on net sales and most short stories will receive a flat fee based on word count. We don't discuss specifics until we reach the contract stage with an author, however.


  • Full-length novels (50,000 - 100,000 words).  
  • Children's stories (full-length or full-length serial shorts, this includes young adult) and stories with gay characters.
We're not currently looking for poetry, fan fiction, historical fiction (though alternate histories are okay), single-author short story collections (but we'll have a look at anthology ideas), non-fiction or essay collections. We're particularly on the lookout for stories with strong, gay characters, but it's not a requirement.


  • Follow the submission guidelines closely, particularly with respect to word count. 
  • On the beginning, make sure it rocks. Your first 10 words should captivate. The next 10 paragraphs should draw us in. The next 10 pages should make us want to finish the book. Something always needs to happen. We read a lot of submissions that start out with 50 pages of exposition. That's not a story, it's an essay.
  • The most common reason we decline manuscripts are modifiers: adverbs and adjectives. Bad writers use them far too frequently to sure up weak verbs and bland sentences. We really don't need to know that someone's dress is made of "black, billowy, exquisitely sheer and fine silk with immaculately sewn satin trim," and that it "hugs her willowy, wispy slender frame" when the scene has nothing to do with her clothes. Less is more.
  • Our best advice? Just have fun. If you fall in love with your story and your characters, the rest usually falls into place.
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